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"Direct-to-Buyers"TM Marketing Program 

While there is no question that MLS is a very powerful marketing tool, it may not be necessary to sell your home. Most real estate agents offer just one marketing program which primarily focuses on placing your home in MLS and having other agents sell it. At Assist-2-Sell, we believe you deserve choices, and we recognize that. Depending on the current market conditions in your area, we may be able to find a buyer without relying on other agents. Many home sellers like the idea of trying out Direct-To-Buyers marketing program. 

How does it work 
As the name implies, our marketing efforts are directed to buyers rather than MLS agents. 

In order for a buyer to purchase your home, they first need to know it is available. We call this exposure. We expose your home to buyers utilizing the following primary marketing avenues. 

Buyers tend to drive through neighborhoods in which they are interested. A surprising number of homes sell from buyers seeing a sign. 

Buyers tend to read the local publications where homes are advertised. This, of course, varies from area to area. Assist-2-Sell offices utilize the most effective publications. Our advertising features your home, not individual agents. We advertise to attract buyers so our ads are informative, not fluffy. Your agent will review the advertising strategy they use in your area. 

Word of Mouth 
Mention to someone you are selling and they might know of someone interested in buying. With a traditional office you help find the buyer, and they, most likely, will still charge you the full commission. At Assist-2-Sell, you enjoy a lower fee if you help find the buyer. 

When you think about it, there really are not too many other ways to let buyers know that your home is available. The only thing missing under our Direct-To-Buyer program is MLS. We offer MLS as an option. Click on "MLS for Less!" for more information. 

What else is included in our Direct-To-Buyer program? 
While programs may vary slightly at different Assist-2-Sell offices around the country, the basics are usually the same. 

Yes! We show your home! 
Buyers call our office from seeing the advertising or the signs, and one of our agents will set up an appointment to show your home to the buyer. 

Yes! We negotiate the purchase agreement! 
If the buyer is interested in buying your home, we will handle the negotiating and all the paperwork. 

Yes! We oversee the closing process! 
There are many details involved that require expert attention once the purchase agreement is accepted. Our agents work the same as traditional agents to assure that everything that needs to be done, gets done. This includes working with the lender, appraiser, inspectors, attorneys, and escrow companies. 

And, of course, we only get paid for results! 
If we don't sell your home, you don't owe us anything. We have confidence and a proven success record. We don't charge up-front fees, and there are no hidden costs.

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